Our comprehensive list of 2020 advanced-manufacturing trends you don’t want to miss!
As hard to believe as it is, a whole year has passed since we reviewed the upcoming trends for 2019. And now, here we are again! This time, we’ll cover  the hottest emerging technologies for the new year as seen
Digital Twins in manufacturing: 5 advantages that the industry pros must know
The term digital twin may seem like something taken straight out of a Sci-Fi novel, but when you learn what it actually means to manufacturers you realize that it is actually not only exciting but quite valuable too.  “Think of
Cutting Edge: Why is Edge Computing a Critical Part of Industry 4.0?
If you’ve heard the term “Edge computing” recently but weren’t sure if you (or the person mentioning this term) knew exactly what it has to do with manufacturing and the day-to-day concerns of the average factory manager, you are not
Trust the Process:  The Key Role of Industry 4.0 Technologies in Process Optimization
Manufacturers in every field are always busy looking for ways to improve their business operations and scale up their throughput. it’s an endless challenge.   In order to achieve this goal, they must examine each step of their current workflow and
10 Questions Discrete Manufacturers Must Ask Before Choosing an Industrial IoT Solution for Their Connected Factory
While the decision to implement an IIoT / connected factory / Industry 4.0 (or alike) solution is a no brainer, choosing and onboarding the right IIoT solutions remains a big challenge. The variety of IIoT platforms and software solutions out
The high(tech) way: How Industry 4.0 accelerates the introduction of composites in automotive
Back in the day, only a very few players in the automotive field were able to use composites as part of their mass manufacturing process. These materials, being so expensive and different from ‘traditional ones’ in terms of management, were
Winning the Aerospace Throughput Challenge with AI & Industry 4.0 Solutions
Remember when back in the day, only the privileged few were able to board a plane and travel the world?  Nowadays, we witness the results of a number of aerospace revolutions that have turned plane tickets into a commodity and
How to improve profitability over 20% with IIoT-based manufacturing optimization technologies – A concrete use case
IIot-based solutions are becoming so prevalent, that soon, we won’t be able to imagine a factory operating without them. Simply put, when CEOs and other decision makers involved realize that IIoT-based optimization systems can revolutionize everything about their production floor
What is the true value and ROI behind Industry 4.0?
I always get the feeling that there’s a lot of vagueness and fluff around the topic of AI , IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), and industry 4.0 technologies in discrete manufacturing. This probably has to do with these topics becoming
The AI of the future and its implications in industrial manufacturing
Revolutionary technology tends to go through an interesting evolutionary process. At first, we’re just happy to learn about emerging technologies and excited to see them work at all; then, we’re curious to explore the many possibilities they have to offer;
Why seamless integrations to existing data systems are the holy grail of manufacturing optimization
Numbers are a businessman’s best friend People in our industry love talking numbers, and you can’t blame them for that. For centuries now, numbers stand at the heart of all scientific and technological research. Statistics and benchmarks are also a
The Tremendous Power Of AI In Manufacturing Optimization – 5 Examples That Clear The Mist
Every now and then, usually in conferences or in small talks, I’m approached by manufacturing professionals who seem genuinely interested at what we’re doing at Plataine. After all, IIoT is not just an industry in tremendous growth, it’s also a
A Glimpse into the Future: The Manufacturing Trends That Will Shape 2019
Every new year brings hope, goals, and attempts to predict the upcoming trends that will set the tone for the industry. Looking back at the previous year in order to spot upcoming trends and prepare for them is incredibly important.
What will AI, Automation & IIoT Optimization Solutions Do to Your Future Manufacturing Workforce?
When I listen to what people say about the future of human labor and how robots are going to take over our jobs, I’m often reminded of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the “Terminator” franchise. Yup, Hollywood has always been into this
How IIoT & Production Quality Are Tight – the Story of Smart Thermocouples
It’s no secret that industrial technologies have progressed exponentially. Both mechanical and digital advances have been boosting manufacturing standards for years, but the collaboration between AI-based manufacturing optimization technologies and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has ignited a true revolution.
What will happen to your factory if you neglect Industrial IoT?
Industry 4.0 is taking off for a good reason. Never before was the competition so fierce, the need to scale so burning due to fast growing demand. The world is a huge marketplace and manufacturers are required to boost their
Why all manufacturing workers will eventually use smart glasses
We recently announced a strategic joint venture with Google Cloud, which integrates Plataine’s AI software with Google Glass and Google’s Dialogflow Enterprise Edition for native language processing. You can review Plataine’s offering regarding Google Smart Glasses here. Since our announcement,
Why is AI based IIoT such a game changer? Turn data into actionable insights
Quite a few manufacturers make the mistake of pairing up IIoT and AI, thinking they always go together. It makes sense to make this assumption. If you’re connecting your factory production floor and you want to collect data digitally or
How Industrial IoT (IIoT)  is Empowering Discrete Manufacturing – Real life Examples and Concrete Tips
IoT is the technology and strategy of connecting machines, devices and sensors to the internet, gathering and analysing data, generating smart insights and building automated processes. The bottom line is that loT makes it easier for humans by making processes
Industry 4.0, IIoT and cyber security – The hidden cloud security risks and how discrete manufacturers can avoid them
So Industry 4.0 is here to stay IIoT has already transformed manufacturing. There’s no turning back. Manufacturers, especially discrete manufactures, can no longer afford to ignore it, nor can they stick with traditional processes. Why? Because they will not survive
Supply Chain Collaboration in Discrete Manufacturing – Benefits, risks, and Ways to Succeed
What is supply chain collaboration anyway…? I’ve learned that the term ‘supply chain collaboration’, is often a term that is used to say different things, or to present different opportunities. For discrete manufacturers, it is an important term that may
5 steps you should take to successfully onboard Industry 4.0’ & make your discrete factory digital, connected & smart
  Industry 4.0, connectivity, smart-factory, digital factory, digitalization, IIoT… sound familiar? These certainly aren’t new terms in our discrete manufacturing industry. Still, with the recent evolvement of technology, the variety of new industry 4.0 solutions, the extensive knowledge of plant
2018 Survey Highlights – Digital Manufacturing Trends from Industry Leaders & C Level Executives
Working in the manufacturing industry, you are no doubt familiar with the growing trend of Industrial IoT, also known as Industry 4.0, the Connected Factory or Digital Factory. We have all heard of and read about these and similar buzzwords
I’ve recently noticed an increasing interest in management and optimization of tool usage & maintenance cycles. The growing demand for parts in aerospace, automotive and other industries, along with the continuous pressure to cut costs, shorten production times and ensure
SME 2017 Insights: IIoT in Manufacturing – Not a Case of ‘If’, but of ‘How’ and ‘When’
I recently had the privilege to speak at the SME Smart Manufacturing event in Los Angeles where I presented at the Digital Transformation seminar.  During the event, I met representatives from many leading manufacturers and I came away with four
The Winds of Change
Why Wind Blades OEM’s Need to Embrace the Industrial IoT I’ve been doing a lot of research into the energy industry recently, particularly the wind power vertical. And I’m convinced we are on the cusp of a wind energy revolution.
Why Are We Resistant To The Digital Assistant?
Remember when you first started using a GPS navigation system in your car? First time you used it, you’re thinking “Wow!” Second time, you’re thinking “Wait! I know my commute better!” and then suddenly you wind up in a massive
My insights from AeroDef 2017: The Real Cost-of-Poor-Quality (CoPQ) Part II
I recently discussed the issues that came up at AeroDef after taking part in a panel discussion about “Industrial IoT and the Digital Twin.” My previous post discussed these main points: Quality issues happen, but they quickly evolve into much
My insights from AeroDef 2017: The Real Cost-of-Poor-Quality (CoPQ) Part I
I’ve been thinking for quite a while about the real cost of poor quality and the impact of discovering manufacturing faults too late in the process. This year at AeroDef I had the privilege to take part in a panel
Define Your Goals for the Factory of the Future
Modern manufacturing is becoming more complex as product variation and production volumes increase. Composites manufacturers have less time and ability today to make optimized decisions, resulting in waste and inefficiencies. Leading companies are realizing that implementing IoT (Internet of Things)