Consulting packages


In this consulting package our goal is to better study the customer environment, precisely define the proposed solution and how it fits into the customer’s IT landscape, evaluate the estimated benefits and savings and build an ROI case.

1 day on-site of a Professional Services engineer.


Conclusions report, describing the customer environment, proposed solution, estimated benefits and ROI.


This consulting package enables the customer to improve production throughput and quality based on our accumulative experience and the industry’s best practices. The following business challenges will be addressed:

  • Improving on-time delivery and meeting production dead-lines
  • Increasing quality, reducing re-work and better handling audits
  • Managing an increase in production due to new program or other reason
  • Increasing material savings

2 days on-site of a Professional Services engineer.


Detailed report with ‘As Is’ vs. ‘To Be’ analysis. Implementation recommendations and the methods to achieve the required improvement.


This program enables the customer to execute a short-term experiment that helps the organization to learn how a large-scale deployment might work in practice.

4 day on-site of a Professional Services engineer.


Test Plataine’s solution in the customer’s real production environment.
Once the pilot is completed we will produce a report that finalizes the findings and helps the customer reach a buying decision. This report can be presented to the customer’s management team.