Plataine’s IIoT manufacturing optimization software maintains full traceability of the Digital Thread, documenting every step in the process chain, from raw material to end product, down to the serial number, enabling improved quality control and audit readiness at all times.


Plataine’s IIoT, AI-based automation software uses sensors to collect vast amounts of data in real-time, from each stage of production, creating a rich digital data-log built through the entire life-cycle of each product, helping manufacturers meet the strict quality requirements and being audit ready at all times,  while remaining profitable and competitive. AI algorithms analyze the root cause of quality issues & defected parts, improving quality and quality control.  

Solution Benefits

  • Full digital traceability ensures full compliance with regulations and audit processes
  • Creates the asset’s full genealogy by correlating material to parts to assets and specifying their relationships
  • Automatically recalculates parts’ shelf-life based on properties inherited from related parts
  • Manages product quality and reduces the cost of re-work and waste
  • Helps manufacturers meet the strict quality requirements while remaining profitable and competitive
  • Proactively minimizes product recalls with IIoT technologies and shop-floor sensors that collect production and quality data in real-time
  • Increases manufacturing yield with smart AI-based automation software
  • Ensures full compliance with regulations and audit processes

Building Continuity and Agility on Cloud

The dynamic nature and scale of workloads regarding digital thread initiatives increasingly draw companies to the cloud. Cloud infrastructure performs well in supporting digital thread initiatives that call for agile enterprise-scale access. Engaging with a cloud-based system allows virtually unlimited storage space.