Cut & Kit Optimizer

FabricOptimizer automatically creates optimized cutting plans (Nesting) and balances between material utilization and kitting operations complexity, bringing manufacturing efficiency to a new level.

a factory with a dedicated table for cutting materials

FabricOptimizer optimizes your Cut & Kit operations and integrates with your existing systems to enable automation and human-machine collaboration. 

Automatically and dynamically gathers all required information from systems and operators, to build the most efficient cutting plan possible, using advanced algorithms, big data analytics and AI for quality assurance.

FabricOptimizer selects the best material roll (including remnants – short rolls). It analyses pending work orders, on-hand inventory, latest geometries and adheres to manufacturing constraints (at all levels: parts, plies, kits and materials). 

Maintains complete traceability from material to final part eliminating the need for paperwork giving you a smooth paperless production. 

Optimal dynamic cutting plans to maximize materials utilization

Remnants (Short Roll) utilization to minimize material waste

Complete traceability to ensure quality consistency


The Cutting and Kitting solution allows you to streamline all your cutting operations while saving material and reducing operations costs. Cutting plans created based on your work orders, material inventory and latest geometries ensure both efficiency and quality. The result is increased throughput and capacity while minimizing errors leading to quality rejects and re-work.

an outcome from Plataine’s optimization software – optimized cut and kit plan



Aerospace & Composites

When quality & schedule cannot be compromised

Industrial Manufacturing

Control every step of the production process

Wind Blades

Optimal balance between material yield and operations

Automotive Components

Boost your production rates to fulfil demand