Manufacturing Optimization Videos

Renault F1 Team has announced the implementation of Plataine’s IIoT solution to automate its composites manufacturing processes, leading to improved material utilization, full digital traceability and faster time-to-part, as part of its Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation Strategy.

Ian Pearce, Head of Production at Renault Sport Racing Limited, says: “We see the software as a Digital Assistant, constantly analyzes production data, offering our operators and managers alerts and smart recommendations in real-time. Our manufacturing process has become more efficient and flexible. This is crucial given the conditions we operate under – where there is literally no room for errors.”

 Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Big Data, new and old capital equipment — this panel utilizes fresh survey data and cover harmonizing new technology introduction to the manufacturing environment as well as cost-effective modifications for practical affordable implementations of Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing.


Plataine is a cloud-based manufacturing optimization software that constantly collects data from factory-floor sensors, tracking all tools and material and providing complete traceability of the Digital Thread, from raw material to end product. Plataine’s solution digitizes your factory and empowers your staff to make optimized decisions on time, every time.


AI on Google Glass drives the factory of the future (CLOUD Next’18)
The Collaboration between Google Cloud and Plataine combines top AI methods, machine learning technologies and manufacturing expertise to drive the factory into the future. In this session, we will demo how Google’s DialogFlow™ and Google Glass are incorporated into Plataine’s smart factory solutions offering operators and managers innovative communication methods with advanced digital assistants. The ability to natively talk and preform production activities while seeing complementary information will reduce distractions and keep the operator focused on getting the job done right


Watch Plataine’s CEO Avner Ben-Bassat’s presentation from JEC World 2019 on ‘Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Composites Manufacturing: Opportunities, Challenges & Best Practices’


Plataine @ CAMX 2017: The Digital Thread For Composites Part Manufacturing


The ‘Cost of Poor Quality‘ [CoPQ] consistently comes up as one of the key issues manufacturers are tackling, and manufacturing optimization software that feeds off factory-floor sensors, helps prevent production delays and ensures quality.


Plataine’s President & CEO, Avner Ben Bassat talking about Artificial Intelligence, Digital Traceability of Material & Assets. Manufacturing in the fields of aviation, wind energy, automotive, and heavy industry is complex and challenging, and factory leaders are constantly looking for hard ROI.


Plataine works with clients across these sectors to transform manufacturing facilities using solutions powered by Predix, the operating system for the Industrial Internet. Plataine helps companies capture and analyze data to provide specific recommendations to decision makers so they can take proactive action.