Dynamic, holistic and real-time: the only Intelligent Automation solutions that optimally decide WHICH production order to run, WHEN, using WHICH raw material, on WHAT machine, while creating the optimal production plans.

Plataine’s Context Aware Computing solutions leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to create a rich digital context and weave the digital thread for automated and optimized decision making in advanced manufacturing environments. Plataine’s TPO solutions optimally decide which production order to run, when, using which raw material, on what machine, while creating the optimal production plans.

Plataine’s breakthrough Intelligent Automation technology sits between ERP, PLM/CAD, and the shop floor, covering for the “blind spots” of these systems while providing new capabilities at every step of the production process.


Partner with Plataine to Increase:

  • Throughput & Efficiency
  • Product quality and quality control
  • Manufacturing agility

While reducing:

  • Material use, re-work and scrap
  • Production cycle time
  • Overall cost

The Plataine Methodology


Collecting data from sensors
in real-time


AI providing predictions & recommendations


Driving efficiency, while reducing costs & waste

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