Tool manager

Tool Manager tracks tools usage and location in real time throughout the manufacturing processes.
Never lose a tool or stall work for a missing one. Always have your tools maintained at the ideal time and just in time.

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Tool Manager allows for automatic real-time tracking of tool location and usage, offering AI-based alerts on misplaced tools and predictive maintenance due with audio visual support.
Recommendations are given for the optimal time to maintain tools based on usage history and big data quality analysis.
The application detects tool defects using AI based correlation.
Recommendations are given for the optimal number of tools needed in production to eliminate bottlenecks.
The application allows for human-machine collaboration.


Tool location, usage and status tracking

Service just in time at the best time


Prevention of unmaintained tool usage

Complete history of tool usage and correlation to quality

Never lose a tool!

Tool tracking & service follows your tools, tracks & traces them as they switch locations on the shop floor. Tools are tracked for their location, usage, their known condition and reported issues. The system learns where and how the tool is used and reports misplacement or quality concerns. The AI-based service tracking assures optimal maintenance at the right time and preserves quality of resulting assets. The application alerts for potential tool-related bottlenecks and provides guidance for the optimal number of tools needed in production.



Aerospace & Composites

When quality & schedule cannot be compromised

Industrial Manufacturing

Control every step of the production process

Wind Blades

Optimal balance between material yield and operations

Automotive Components

Boost your production rates to fulfil demand