An advanced application deployed at the customer’s site for onsite intelligent manufacturing management using big data analytics. This intelligent gateway to the cloud, analyzes data collected from industrial sensors and machines, and transmits only what matters to the cloud.

Solution Benefits

  • Local data analysis improves responsiveness, and slashes data transmission and storage costs.
  • Delivers on the IIoT connectivity promise by connecting and collecting data from your IIoT devices such as machines, robots, sensors in real-time and all the time.
  • SMART IIoT data filtering and cleansing sends only the data that will produce valuable insights.
  • Reduced cloud to edge transmission latency for a real-time data exchange with no bottlenecks and paperless production.

Aerospace & Composites

When quality & schedule cannot be compromised

Industrial Manufacturing

Control every step of the production process

Wind Blades

Optimal balance between material yield and operations

Automotive Components

Boost your production rates to fulfil demand