Maximize Your Operational Efficiency & Reduce Costs with Digital Manufacturing

Plataine’s AI software solutions help composites manufacturers to optimize and automate production

The Industry Trusts us to Deliver Industry 4.0 Innovation

Increase factory throughput and visibility with Digital Assistants

Plataine leverages proprietary AI-based algorithms and state-of-the-art sensors in order to maximize productivity, minimize material loss and reduce productions costs by 15%.

TPO Suite: AI Solutions for Composites Manufacturers

As a result of major global shifts happening today, it’s imperative to reduce operational costs, maximize revenue growth, and increase manufacturing efficiency

Time Sensitive Material
Time Sensitive Material >
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Reduce rework and waste while improving quality
Production Scheduler
Production Scheduler >
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Optimize your production schedule with Digital Assistants
Material & Asset tracker
Material & Asset tracker >
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Track and trace assets’ location and status in real-time
Digital Thread
Digital Thread >
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Improve on time delivery and get a holistic view of the factory
Cut & Kit Optimization
Cut & Kit Optimization >
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Maximize material utilization with dynamic cutting plans

Maximize the ROI


Production visibility

Up to 20%

Factory throughput increase


Digital traceability

Up to15%

Product cost reduction


Faster time to market

Up to 40%

Rework reduction

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