How AI Helps Improve Composite Manufacturing Ramp-up

Watch this webinar to  learn how AI improves and automates production processes, eliminates usage of expired or overexposed material, to minimize rework, waste, and delays.

Speaker: Haim Holender, Material Tracking & Management Expert

Achieving Production KPIs with Advanced Scheduling

Production planners deal with various challenges to achieve their KPIs and meet weekly production goals. Learn how a state of the art solution considers all relevant production elements in real-time to automatically generate optimized plans.

Speaker: David Tweeto,
Scheduling & Planning Expert, Plataine

How AI based solutions can enhance production efficiencies and reduce waste

This Web-seminar, brought to you Composites United hosts Jonathan lison from Plataine, to discuss Today’s challenges, the Industry 4.0 opportunity and the AI based digital factory and how these enhance production efficiencies, improve sustainability and reduce waste.

Speaker: Jonathan lison, Business Development Manager at Plataine

AI-Based Production Scheduling & IIoT Drive Advanced Manufacturing Agility in the New Normal

In this on demand webinar, based on their presentation at CAMX 2021 Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO of Plataine and Sean Francoz, Director of product management at Virtek talk about AI-Based Production Scheduling and IIoT for Advanced manufacturing in the new normal.

Speakers: Sean Francoz, Director of product management at Virtek;
Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO at Plataine

Digitizing and Automating Composites Production

Exploring tools and technologies to digitally track and optimize production planning, materials, tools, machines and other resources to meet increased production rates and cost requirements.

Speakers: Mitchell Smith, composites and sustainability technology leader at Middle River Aerostructure Systems (an ST Engineering company);

Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO at Plataine


Join the panel: how to turn any factory into a Smart Factory

This panel discussion will explore the major benefits of the smart factory concept, share tips, real-life use cases of how to transform your factory into a smart one, in order to automate and optimize processes and address market challenges during COVID-19 and beyond. The panelists will discuss and share market leaders’ approach and how they implemented smart factory and Industry 4.0 technologies, including cloud, data analytics, AI and IoT to reduce costs and stay ahead of the competition.

Panelists:  Professor Rab Scott (AMRC), Paul Perera (Vassal Enterprises), Malte Scherner (AAT Composites), Avner Ben-Bassat (Plataine)

Wind farm - Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Wind Blade Manufacturing: How to create a smart, connected factory

Today, when the wind market is more competitive and demanding, there is constant pressure to reduce manufacturing costs and innovate.
During this webinar, brought to you by Virtek and Plataine, we will discuss which concrete steps Wind Blade Manufactures can take to turn their operations into a smart connected factory. These steps will also bring higher levels of efficiency, while eliminating waste, cutting manufacturing costs and driving efficient, data-driven decision making.

Speakers: Sean Francoz, Group Product Manager @Virtek Vision;
Amir Ben-Assa, VP Marketing and Product Strategy @Plataine

How smart and agile is your factory?

In these unprecedent times of global uncertainties, it is important – more than ever – to work both effectively and efficiently.

Watch this webinar to get the opportunity to examine the status of your factory – to estimate where you stand and how you can become smart, improve the overall agility and efficiency of your composites operations, reduce production costs and maximize manufacturing yield.

Speaker: Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO, Plataine

Winds of change - Your Smooth Return Back to Production

Learn how to maximize product yield while improving material utilization. Learn from real-life cases of wind blade & aerospace manufacturing how to better deal with the complexity of creating optimized cut-plans, while facing material availability, kitting and sorting challenges,  especially crucial with today’s uncertainties. 

Speakers: Walter Ofer Abramsohn, Head of Product Management at Plataine & Ali Fahoum, Head of Professional Services EMEA at Plataine 

Management - Image scanner

Beating the uncertainty, reducing costs - tips for composites part manufacturers

Leading manufacturers are embracing production optimization solutions to save costs and better utilize raw material that is especially crucial in these times of global uncertainty and supply chain disruptions.

Speaker: Elliot Walker, North American Professional Services Manager at Plataine & Patrick Donahue, Project Manager at Plataine

Industry - Manufacturing

How to calculate the ROI of industry 4.0 solutions

How advanced manufacturers achieve and estimate the impact of AI-based and Industrial IoT solutions.

Speaker: Amir Ben-Assa, VP Marketing and Product Strategy of Plataine 

Learn how renault f1 team ® digitized and automated their composites factory

This informative webinar can help your manufacturing operations take a few steps forward towards digitalization, automation and efficiency.