How smart and agile is your factory?

In these unprecedent times of global uncertainties, it is important – more than ever – to work both effectively and efficiently.

Watch this webinar to get the opportunity to examine the status of your factory – to estimate where you stand and how you can become smart, improve the overall agility and efficiency of your composites operations, reduce production costs and maximize manufacturing yield.

Speaker: Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO, Plataine

Winds of change - Your Smooth Return Back to Production

Learn how to maximize product yield while improving material utilization. Learn from real-life cases of wind blade & aerospace manufacturing how to better deal with the complexity of creating optimized cut-plans, while facing material availability, kitting and sorting challenges,  especially crucial with today’s uncertainties. 

Speakers: Walter Ofer Abramsohn, Head of Product Management at Plataine & Ali Fahoum, Head of Professional Services EMEA at Plataine 

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Beating the uncertainty, reducing costs - tips for composites part manufacturers

Leading manufacturers are embracing production optimization solutions to save costs and better utilize raw material that is especially crucial in these times of global uncertainty and supply chain disruptions.

Speaker: Elliot Walker, North American Professional Services Manager at Plataine & Patrick Donahue, Project Manager at Plataine

Industry - Manufacturing

How to calculate the ROI of industry 4.0 solutions

How advanced manufacturers achieve and estimate the impact of AI-based and Industrial IoT solutions.

Speaker: Amir Ben-Assa, VP Marketing and Product Strategy of Plataine