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Plataine’s Time Sensitive Material Manager provides easy-to-use cloud software to track and manage your material and assets in real-time, eliminating the dependency on paper and manual processes.

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Automatic tracking of remaining shelf-life and expiration

Optimal, AI-based material assignment to jobs


Alerts prevent material expiration

Complete traceability and quality control

The Time Sensitive Material Manager supports your daily tasks:

  • Material receiving
  • Material smart assignment to job
  • Material thawing and automatic calculation of remaining shelf-life & expiration
  • Inventory dashboard allowing easy planning & ordering
  • Full cloud software, available anywhere and anytime and does not require installation

Time Sensitive Material Manager will help you:

  • Ensure optimal material selection for jobs based on properties, status and AI quality data.
  • Prevent usage of expired material or material likely to expire by the time work order is completed.
  • Enable complete traceability through the entire manufacturing process as the Digital Twin records every aspect of an assets cycle from raw material to end product.
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