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The Power of Industry 4.0 and the Connected Factory

The Power of Industry 4.0 and the Connected Factory

The world is constantly evolving, and technology is at the forefront of this evolution. In recent years, the manufacturing industry has undergone a massive transformation with the advent of Industry 4.0 and connected factory technology. The integration of technology in the manufacturing industry has brought forth significant changes and has improved the way factories operate.
In this article, we will explore what Industry 4.0 is, the advantages of a connected factory, successful implementation of a connected factory, and the future of manufacturing with the help of Industry 4.0 and the connected factory.

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Top 5 Benefits of Digital Thread in Manufacturing

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Thread in Manufacturing

The digital revolution has dramatically changed the way we manage data and processes in manufacturing operations. As technology advances, companies are increasingly turning to the concept of a digital thread to harness this powerful potential. According to Harvard Business Review, manufacturers that are just beginning their modernization journey stand to gain the most from upgrading their data management and automation processes. In fact, it is estimated that around $1 trillion is left unclaimed each year due to a lack of digitization.
In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 benefits companies can enjoy when embracing the digital thread in their manufacturing industry. Before we get there, let’s look into the basics.

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How to Use Production Scheduling Software to Maximize Production Efficiency

How to Use Production Scheduling Software to Maximize Manufacturing Efficiency

Manufacturing runs the world. Almost everything that we consume is a product of manufacturing in one way or another. However, with the rise in competition and the ever-increasing demand for new and innovative products, manufacturers need to rethink their game plans regarding production.
Production scheduling software is one solution that can help manufacturers like you. It will help efficiently meet customer demand, automate processes, and resolve all the complexities within your manufacturing plan.

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Artificial intelligence for Business Applications

A human-computer dialogue, with proactive context-driven intervention of AI software, leads to better joint decisions than those made separately by each of them alone. This is the basis for future trends in the development of AI products for business needs that will generate maximum business value.
The term “Artificial Intelligence” usually arouses controversy, due to the very fact of attributing such a human characteristic as intelligence to a structure made up of silicon chips. The controversy, which usually takes place between philosophers and technologists, faces difficulties from its very inception, not only because it is difficult to define ‘artificial intelligence’, but because there is also no clear and unambiguous definition of the term ‘human intelligence’.

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Digital Twin Applications for Manufacturing, a Buzz or the Real Deal?

Digital twin technology has taken the manufacturing industry by storm. This innovative technology creates a virtual representation of a physical object, system or process, and uses real-time data to understand and optimize its behavior. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top digital twin applications for manufacturing and explore their benefits, and actionable insights.

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How to Reduce Composite Material Waste: Steps to Overcome This Industry Challenge

Composite materials are increasingly popular in various industries, including aerospace and construction, due to their durability, strength, and lightweight properties. However, their use also generates composite waste materials, which pose a challenge in terms of waste disposal. To overcome this challenge, the industry must reduce composite material waste through effective manufacturing waste management practices , and also maximize their existing materials. In this blog post, I’ll discuss composite material waste, the difficulties we stand against to recycle these materials and some steps to reduce composite material waste and make the industry more sustainable.

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8 Top Industrial Manufacturing Conferences You Should Attend in 2023

Manufacture your path toward business growth this year by penning down some professional resolutions. You guessed it right: in-house conferences are making a comeback and this time, they are in full gear to digitize your manufacturing business. Attending prominent ones should be on your resolutions list if you want to bring your manufacturing business to the next level.
Let’s have a look at some top industrial and aerospace, composites manufacturing conferences of the year 2023 that you must attend to stay on top of your digital manufacturing game.

8 Best Conferences to Attend in 2023 in the area of aerospace and composites Manufacturing

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What is AIoT and How Manufacturers Can Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs

Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly becoming mainstream in the manufacturing industry. What is perhaps less understood is the degree to which these technologies are converging.
AI takes manufacturers to the next level by leveraging the data collected by the IIoT. Given all this, it makes sense to begin thinking about the next concept – the AIoT – the Artificial Intelligence of Things.

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Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Optimization Trends in Aerospace Composite

Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Optimization Trends in the Aerospace Composites Sector for 2023

Today, Industry 4.0 implementations are focused on helping manufacturers meet the growing demand, increase productivity, and overcome supply chain challenges, all while dealing with workforce shortages.

A major part of this mission includes implementing new technologies to automate repetitive tasks and optimize production processes (resulting in increased quality, minimized rework, reduced material waste, increased throughput, and optimized production planning based on accurate demand forecasting).

These are the main Industry 4.0 trends we forecast to be in the spotlight for the Aerospace composites industry in 2023:

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Hard Hat - Ball Engineer M

6 mistakes manufacturers are still making but can’t afford to

In today’s complex-manufacturing competitive landscape there’s no room to make critical mistakes. Following over a decade of close collaborations with top discrete manufacturing players, we’ve come to know and learn to spot some of the most widespread mistakes. This article looks at the common pitfalls and examines top manufacturers’ strategies to avoid them.

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How the labor shortage is killing Aerospace composites manufacturing and how to solve it

With a rising skills gap and an emphasis on attending university over learning a trade, the manufacturing labor shortage is not a new problem. However, it is one that the pandemic has supercharged. Post-covid workers are looking for flexibility in where and when they work and higher pays – something at odds with today’s manufacturing landscape that requires physical in-person shift work and the need to meet tight deadlines.
Supply chain issues are also compounding the productivity issues stemming from labor shortages. Suppliers are facing the same labor shortages as manufacturers. Given the aerospace industry relies on long and complex supply chains, it only takes a short delay to create significant ripple effects, slowing down production.

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The Key Role of Industry 4.0 Technologies in Process Optimization

Manufacturers in every field are always busy looking for ways to improve their business operations and scale up their throughput – it’s an endless challenge.
In order to achieve this goal, they must examine each step of their current workflow and form dedicated optimization strategies. This is the crucial procedure of process optimization in manufacturing, a never-ending journey that should be reviewed time and again, and in which continuous improvement is measured in micro-steps. The road towards the ultimate goal of improving the company’s bottom line is a long one indeed.

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