Autoclave Scheduler

A tailor-made scheduling solution to help manufacturers streamline autoclave operations, boost factory on-time delivery, reduce operational costs while improving sustainability

Maximize Production Throughput

Plataine’s Autoclave Scheduler has a superior composites manufacturing fit, accounting for autoclave capacity, recipe and considering all small details such as available vacuum ports, driving maximized resource utilization.

Multiple Dimensions & Strategies Managed Simultaneously to Ensure an Optimal Schedule

  • Shifts, human capacity & availability
  • Tool variations, capacity & availability
  • Part recipe restrictions
  • Vacuum ports & daisy chain utilization
  • Digital management of physical assets size
  • Optimize production & curing cycles

Enhance your sustainability KPIs with Autoclave Scheduler

Save power & reduce autoclave operation costs

Increase autoclave efficiency & release bottlenecks

Increase overall factory throughput and efficiency

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Aerospace & Composites

Improve quality & schedule

Automotive Components

Boost your production rates to fulfil demand

Furniture & Upholstery

Boost your production rates to fulfil demand

Industrial Manufacturing

Control every step of the production process

Wind Blades

Optimal balance between material yield and operations