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Aerospace & Automotive composite Manufacturing

100% Traceability & Visibility - Cutting Costs With Extreme Automation, Iot-Based Material Management & Asset Monitoring

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The Aerospace and Automotive manufacturing industry is highly dependent on traceability and visibility. When composites are used, rework reduction (up to 40%) or product cost reduction (up to 15%) have a whole new meaning. 

Manufacturers are struggling to stay ahead of the competition, and a big chunk of the game is won by optimizing assets, or better manage time-sensitive materials. Today, it is done by utilizing extreme automation, leveraging IIoT and onboarding AI capabilities. 

While these technical terms may sound overwhelming, they simply represent a set of smart capabilities that are compiled into friendly applications, that are extremely easy to try or to fully onboard.  

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Learn how the collected data from the factory floor can transform it into real-time context-driven recommendations and actions.