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A new software system helped a manufacturer of frames for upholstered furniture improve material usage, reduce floor space and upgrade process controls. Bernhardt Furniture Co. has a long history of product innovation and manufacturing leadership. The company sources globally but also remains committed to domestic manufacturing with six domestic plants in close proximity to its Lenoir N.C. headquarters.

Three of the Bernhardt plants produce upholstery collections, including the Martha Stewart Furniture with Bernhard. Bernhardt Plant Five’s 45 employees supply frames for two nearby upholstery plants. It was at the frame plant where Bernhardt recently focused its attention on performance Improvements.

“We wanted to become more efficient in both material usage and labor costs” says Bernhardt residential upholstery division manager Thad Monroe. “After studying our frame processes, we saw an opportunity to shift our batch production process to a more efficient and responsive just- in-time delivery model”

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