Smart Factories and the Current State of Industry 4.0

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President and CEO of Plataine, Avner Ben-Bassat, joined Ryan on the podcast to discuss industrial IoT and the current landscape of industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is the idea that we are in the fourth industrial revolution as manufacturers are beginning to integrate with new technologies like IoT, AI, cloud computing, etc. Avner discusses these technologies and how they are contributing to the current landscape of industry 4.0. He also talks about what a smart factory is and its impact on manufacturing. He also touches on the effects COVID had on the industry and how Plataine is working with Alpine in F1.

Live from Sampe: The journey to the Digital Factory

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CEO Avner Ben-Bassat comments on the company’s value propositions with IoT and AI such as Digital Assistants on the production floor, guiding production floor staff through daily operations with alerts and notifications. Plataine works heavily in the industrial sectors such as Aerospace markets. Avner highlights how Aerospace uses raw materials and the sensitive nature of these materials, and the value of alerts related to expiring composites and how to use the supplies in an optimal manner.

CAMX 2018: Plataine Panel – The Internet of Things / Avner Ben-Bassat

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CAMX 2017- Avner Ben-Bassat in panel discussion on the Internet of things and the digital thread in Composite part manufacturing 

SAMPE Seattle 2017: Your Digital Assistant/ Avner Ben-Bassat

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IoT, AI and Cloud-Computing in the Service of Composites Part Fabrication 

With the rapid expansion of connected devices and sensors in composites component manufacturing processes, the sheer volume of data being collected dramatically increases.

Manufacturing optimization technology, utilizing AI, can collect IIoT-based data, analyze data trends, raise alerts and recommend – or even independently take – optimal actions, weaving a digital thread from raw material to the end-product, to guarantee highest levels of quality and quality control.

AeroDef 2017: Industrial IoT and the Digital Twin

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Industrial IoT and the Digital Twin: As companies grapple with ways to effectively deploy and scale new technologies that leverage industrial connectivity, clear pathways are emerging for the creation value from the massive amounts of data produced on the shop floor.

• Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO, Plataine Technologies
• David Riemer, VP, Aerospace and Defense Strategy, Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.
• Jeff Smith, Director, Ideas Lab, Dassault Systèmes

Moderator: Greg Harris, PhD, PE, Associate Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering; Director, Southern Alliance for Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing Center, Auburn University

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