Optimizing Autoclave Utilization & Throughput

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The autoclave is an expensive asset, consuming high energy and therefore it becomes a problem when it’s often not utilized properly for optimal throughput. For instance, operators can and sometimes do use autoclaves at less than full capacity, which wastes energy. In order to maximize autoclave utilization, companies should be careful when planning and scheduling manufacturing tasks while considering possible bottlenecks in the process and part curing recipes. Additionally, assigning valid molds in the layup process is critical to avoid delays which lead to poor autoclave utilization. Missing molds could also cause production delays. Following digital pick lists while moving material in a timely manner from freezers to thawing areas is critical to the successful flow of the process. An efficient and automated cutting & kitting process is the last piece that completes the puzzle.

Manufacturing optimization contributes to factory-wide benefits, by 10% – 25% faster time to market, increased factory throughput by up to 10% and up to 40% reduced rework.

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