Plataine Invited to Speak at the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea

The global summit convenes in 2022 to find solutions to overcome the global, political, economic, and social challenges facing the world

Seoul, South Korea, September 15th, 2022 – The Chairman and the President & CEO of Plataine, a leading provider of AI-based manufacturing optimization solutions, have been invited to speak at a global forum of prominent international thought leaders. Taking place from September 20th through 22nd, 2022 in Seoul.  The World Knowledge Forum (WKF) aims to “find solutions to overcome the global, political, economic, and social challenges facing the world.” Moshe BenBassat, Chairman at Plataine, and Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO, will be speaking at the World Knowledge Forum about how the next generation of AI business products can be used to take manufacturing to the next level in support of global growth and prosperity.

The World Knowledge Forum is one of the world’s biggest knowledge-sharing events. Past speakers include Bill Gates, George W. Bush, Nicolas Sarkozy, Larry Ellison, and Jim Yong Kim. This year’s speakers include David Cameron, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler (2021 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate); Paul Krugman, Distinguished Professor at City University of New York; and many more.

The theme of this year’s World Knowledge Forum is ‘Supercompensation: Restoring Global Prosperity & Freedom’. With geopolitical tensions and the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic breaking the global economic balance maintained for the past few decades, the World Knowledge Forum will look at ways to achieve freedom and sustainable prosperity in light of rising interest and inflation rates, the response to the climate crisis, and rapid technological change. The event will also look at tech start-ups as pioneers of visionary ideas, and the World Knowledge Forum chose to invite Plataine’s leaders share their experience and best practices in applying AI to business, and specifically in support of the smart factory vision.

Professor Moshe BenBassat has leveraged AI to develop and implement a range of innovative products that have benefited hundreds of millions of people around the world. Using real-life examples, his speech explores how the next wave of business AI products in the 2020s will utilize breakthroughs in machine self-learning algorithms (ML) to move beyond fragmented point solutions and support full workflows of multiple business roles within an enterprise, leading to broader, deeper intelligent automation.

Avner Ben-Bassat will share manufacturing industry best practice to show how combining the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industrial IoT (IIoT) through cloud software and Digital Assistants can provide manufacturers with full real-time visibility and control over their inventory to maintain business continuity, reduce waste and improve agility and responsiveness.

Plataine’s IIoT and AI-based optimization solutions are increasingly used by leading manufacturers worldwide as the importance of resilience and demand for net zero products and processes grows. By employing smart manufacturing techniques, companies can see in real-time how to reduce, reuse and recycle, improving their carbon footprint and saving money.

Jin-woo Lee, Secretary-General of the World Knowledge Forum, says, “We are glad to invite Plataine, who have cutting-edge technology in the AI field, as a speaker this year. I look forward to Plataine sharing a lot of knowledge and insights on advanced AI innovation with the forum.”

Dr. Moshe BenBassat, Chairman at Plataine, says: “The world is facing a series of economic and geopolitical shocks that have caused a seismic shift in the ways manufacturers and their supply chains operate. I am delighted to be part of the international discussions the World Knowledge Forum is leading about harnessing the potential of AI and the IIoT to address the challenges facing the global community and advance towards a better future.”

Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO at Plataine, adds: “It is an honor to have been invited to speak at such an important international event and it demonstrates the huge potential of AI and IIoT development for driving future sustainability and growth.”

About the World Knowledge Forum

The World Knowledge Forum (WKF) was founded in October 2000 after two years of preparation based on the ambition to transform Korea into a knowledge-driven nation. Since then, the World Knowledge Forum has played the role as a platform for active discussions with the aim of reducing knowledge gaps through knowledge sharing and to promote balanced global economic growth and prosperity. A total of approximately 5,188 global speakers and 55,860 audiences have participated since the first forum in 2000 that was held under the theme of “Shaping the New Millennium with Knowledge,” and the WKF has now become one of the biggest knowledge-sharing events in the world.

About Plataine
Plataine is the leading provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based optimization solutions for advanced manufacturing. Plataine’s solutions provide intelligent, connected Digital Assistants for production floor management and staff, empowering manufacturers to make optimized decisions in real-time, every time. Plataine’s patent-protected technologies are used by leading manufacturers worldwide, including Airbus, GE, IAI, Triumph, MRAS (an ST Engineering company), Alestis, Kineco-Kaman, IFS, Light & Strong, Kanfit and Ethan Allen. Plataine partners with SAP, Siemens PLM the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, and CTC GmbH (an Airbus Company), and is also a part of the UK National Composites Centre (NCC) membership network, to advance the ‘Factory of the Future’ worldwide. For this work, Plataine has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its AI-Based Digital Assistants for Manufacturing and Innovation Awards from the JEC, Plataine Receives SME 2021 Excellence in Composites Manufacturing Award and CompositesUK organizations. Plataine is ISO 27001 certified for compliance with information security management requirements. For more information, visit:


About Moshe BenBassat

Professor BenBassat is a prominent leader in the areas of optimization and decision support. Professor BenBassat has founded two companies based on his research work, ClickSoftware and Plataine. ClickSoftware is the leading provider of service optimization solutions, including service scheduling, resource and capacity optimization, analytics, and demand forecasting. With a successful academic career at USC, Tel Aviv University and UCLA, BenBassat’s research work took place in collaboration with many leading institutions including DARPA, NIH, NASA, and NSF.


About Avner Ben-Bassat

Avner Ben-Bassat is the President & CEO of Plataine Technologies Ltd., with over 15 years of experience in the field of complex, multi-dimensional optimization software for the services and manufacturing segments. Avner leads Plataine’s Total Production Optimization (TPO) product vision and global business strategy. He holds an MBA with distinction from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a BSc (Magna Cum Laude) in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from Tel Aviv University.

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