SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – July 23rd 2018 – Plataine, a leading provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based manufacturing optimization software, will present its collaboration with Google Cloud which integrates Plataine’s cutting-edge AI software with Google Glass and Google’s Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, empowering factory staff to interact with Plataine’s AI-based Digital Assistants, while performing, reporting and documentation tasks – completely hands free.

The Google Cloud-Plataine collaboration is designed to improve the productivity of factory operators, using natural language processing, wearable technology and Plataine’s AI-based Digital Assistants. The system enables factory staff to optimally perform tasks faster and more accurately.

At Next ’18, Google Cloud and Plataine will demonstrate how Plataine’s smart factory solutions have been integrated to solve the challenges faced by discrete manufacturers. Factory operators and managers can now constantly communicate with Plataine’s Digital Assistants to receive AI-based alerts and optimized recommendations, and document in real-time manufacturing progress, hands free.

This innovative solution ensures production staff get the right alerts and recommendations at the right time, save significant amounts of time, solve quality issues caused by incorrect or delayed manual reporting, and improve productivity by allowing staff have both hands available to carry out production tasks. Real-time production-related data is displayed on Google Glass reducing distractions and allowing workers to perform their tasks optimally, saving time and eliminating errors associated with manual processes.

The Google Cloud and Plataine joint solution utilizes image recognition algorithms to automatically identify production problems as early in the production cycle as possible, or even before they occur, reducing Cost of Poor Quality. Plataine’s smart Digital Assistants solve this problem by leveraging AI capabilities that offer predictive alerts, optimized real-time recommendations and actionable insights that help factory personnel make optimal on-the-spot problem-solving decisions without any disruption to production, ensuring on-time, on-quality delivery.

“This Industrial IoT innovation combines cutting-edge AI-based technologies with machine learning and substantial manufacturing expertise,” says Jennifer Bennett, Technical Director, CTO office at Google. “The solution enables manufacturers to quickly transform existing production facilities into efficient smart factories”.

“We are proud to work with Google Cloud on this incredibly exciting project that promises to unleash the combined power of AI and wearable technologies on factory floors across the world. Manufacturers of all sectors will greatly benefit from this joint solution by obtaining significant productivity, quality and quality control advantages”, says Avner Ben-Bassat, CEO & President at Plataine.

About Plataine

Plataine is the leading provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based manufacturing optimization solutions. Plataine’s solutions provide smart Digital Assistants that empower production floor management and staff, helping them make optimized decisions in real-time, every time.

Plataine’s patent-protected technologies are used by leading manufacturers worldwide, including Airbus, Boeing, GE, Renault Sports Formula 1, IAI, Triumph, General Atomics, TPI Composites, PCC, Steelcase and Argosy International.

Plataine partners with Google Cloud, GE Digital, Siemens PLM, McKinsey & Company, the AMRC with Boeing, and CTC-Stade (an Airbus Company), to advance the ‘Factory of the Future’ worldwide.

For this work, Plataine has recently received a Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan and Innovation Awards from the JEC and CompositesUK organizations, as well as the Shanghai Society of Aeronautics (SSA). For more information visit:

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