MJB Group Deployed Plataine’s TPO Solution to Automate and Optimize Frame Production Processes

TPO brings process automation, double digit plywood savings and improved router throughput.

Waltham, MA – MJB Wood Group, Inc. headquartered in Irving, TX successfully completed the implementation of Plataine’s Solution for automated & optimized manufacturing processes and capabilities, and overall operational costs savings.

With WoodOptimizer deployment, MJB’s management is seeing significant increase in production throughput and reduction of waste and labor. Joe Caldwell, President & CEO at MJB describes: “Plataine’s TPO helped us change the way we were operating and get maximum process control; We are now able to automatically produce components using dynamic nests and cut exact quantities to order. The TPO solution helped us improve the broader manufacturing metrics, beyond the focus on material only, and increased our overall utilization”, Caldwell adds.

Plataine’s Total Production Optimization (TPO) WoodOptimizer for plywood cutting industries seamlessly bridges the gap between ERP/MRP, CAD and the production floor. WoodOptimizer creates ready-to-cut production plans by retrieving critical information from both ERP/MRP and CAD systems. Based on that information, WoodOptimizer’s sophisticated algorithms automatically produce optimized production plans. WoodOptimizer is offered as a Service – the SaaS model offers minimal upfront expenditures, faster time to value and ongoing payments that are closely coupled with the value received.

“We are excited with MJB’s selection of Plataine and are glad to be part of their path for optimized production efficiencies and higher quality control”, says Clay Bolick, Plataine’s VP of Operations, North America. “We are confident that the TPO solution’s technological supremacy with its holistic approach will allow MJB’s management to focus even more on growth to meet their customers’ requirements”, adds Bolick.

About MJB Wood Inc.
MJB serves manufacturers and component producers across a wide span of sectors including Residential, Office, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Educational furniture. MJB’s state of the art VOS™ (Vendor On Site) inventory management system lowers capital requirements associated with direct import programs and eliminates the complexity of ordering and managing supply chain, both import and domestic. MJB offers a wide range of panel products and components for furniture manufacturers along with value-added manufacturing services such as cut-to-size, component and complete frame manufacturing, including clip rails, t-nuts, kitting and ready for upholstery. MJB also excels in case good components and complete assemblies including cam-lock routing and pull drilling.

About Plataine
Plataine is the leading provider of Intelligent Automation software for advanced manufacturers, leveraging IoT and Artificial Intelligence Technologies. Plataine’s Total Production Optimization (TPO) solutions bring the world of IoT to furniture & upholstery industries and leverage state of the art patent-protected technologies, to enable manufacturers on-time delivery and significantly improved bottom lines. Plataine’s solutions are used worldwide by top-tier manufacturers using plywood, fabric and/or foam.

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