AMRC with Boeing Partners with Plataine to Promote Industrial IoT (IIoT) in Composites Manufacturing

Sheffield, UK – The AMRC (University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) with Boeing have joined forces with Plataine to further promote innovation and competitiveness among UK and European advanced manufacturers in Aerospace, Automotive and related industries.

Plataine’s IIoT-based solutions will enhance the AMRC’s research capabilities to meet the demand of complex manufacturing for high variation, optimized processes using Artificial Intelligence and obtaining actionable insights and recommendations from sensor driven data.

Plataine provides cloud-based solutions for manufacturing automation and optimization while creating complete traceability of the digital thread of material, assets and manufacturing processes. Plataine’s solutions leverage Industrial IoT technologies enabling manufacturers to capture and analyze data from the production floor in real-time, providing data-driven recommendations to the production floor. A closer relationship between the AMRC’s world-class research facilities and Plataine will accelerate the adoption of industrial innovative technologies.

The University of Sheffield has forged strong links with many of the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturers, most notably with the launch of the AMRC with Boeing in 2001. The partnership with Plataine will support the AMRC’s aims to strengthen technology transfer and competitive advantage along the manufacturing supply chain, particularly among the UK’s base of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Professor Keith Ridgway, co-founder of the AMRC, says: “We welcome Plataine into the AMRC network. The contribution of Plataine’s expertise in Industrial IoT, automation and optimization of manufacturing processes, perfectly complements our existing work with manufacturing companies. We are confident that this alliance will contribute to our goal of transforming our economy through a true collaboration between world-class research and the manufacturing industry.”

“We are proud to partner with the world renowned AMRC in a unique opportunity to bring our shared vision of the Digital Connected Factory to the broader UK industry,” says Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO at Plataine. “This collaboration will enable manufacturers to optimize decisions on the production floor, and improve production efficiencies, by harnessing IIoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies.”

About AMRC

The AMRC (University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) with Boeing is dedicated to working with manufacturing businesses, from global aerospace giants to local SMEs. Founded by Boeing, it continues to play a key role in AMRC’s development. In March 2011, the AMRC with Boeing became part of the first of a new generation of government-backed Technology Innovation Centers, later branded as the Catapults.

About Plataine

Plataine is the leading provider of intelligent automation solutions for composites manufacturers, leveraging IoT together with Artificial Intelligence technologies, to significantly improve manufacturer’s Buy-to-Fly ratios and optimize the entire production floor. Plataine’s solutions are used worldwide by top-tier factories from all levels of the supply chain, including Airbus, GE Aviation, AVCORP, IAI, Argosy and MT Aerospace.


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