Time Sensitive Materials (TSM)

Time-sensitive materials (TSM) are materials whose quality or effectiveness degrade over time and which are often kept in a controlled environment when not being used on the shop floor. For example, composite prepreg (pre-impregnated) materials are often used during various assembly and fabrication processes in the high-tech, aerospace, automotive, and life sciences industries.

Time-sensitive materials require special management and monitoring. This function is aimed at capturing and tracking time associated with the shelf life and floor life of materials that are sensitive to environmental conditions.

Similar to food, these materials have a maximum shelf life. This is the maximum time over which a material may be stored without a loss of quality or effectiveness that would make it unusable.

A time-sensitive material, a roll of composite material for an aircraft part or structure for example, is partially consumed at an operation and the rest can be used for another operation if kept in the right conditions. In manufacturing environments that use composites it is recommended to use technology such as Freezer Management Software that automatically and digitally tracks materials that are time and temperature sensitive, such as composites prepregs and resins, throughout production, ensuring higher quality while avoiding re-work and waste.

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