Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing is the way machines, computers, employees, materials, and software interact during production processes, relying on Industry 4.0 and IIoT-based technologies. By connecting the physical and digital environments, smart manufacturing can help manufacturers improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Smart Manufacturing combines various advanced technologies and solutions implemented in the manufacturing ecosystem to create a fully integrated and automated environment, responding in real-time to actions, demands and any other unexpected changes on the production floor. When integrated successfully, smart manufacturing leads to efficient management of manufacturing operations with greater precision and collaboration across the board of the production and supply chain. Traditionally, information and collected data were stored in local systems on individual devices and were only accessible when it was really needed. Production relied on human-based skills and capability. With Industry 4.0, digital transformation in factories improves product quality, automates production, reduces costs, and predicts analysis. Smart manufacturing operations are leading the way into the factory of the future.

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