JIT (Just in Time) Manufacturing

Just-in-time’ is a management philosophy, originally referred to as the production of goods to meet the exact customer demands, in time, regarding quality and quantity, whether the customer is the end-user of the product or another process further along the production line. Instead of building large stocks of what manufacturers think the customer might want, they only make exactly what the customer actually ordered. This allows them to concentrate their resources only on fulfilling what they are going to be paid for, rather than building for stock.

JIT today mean ‘producing with minimum waste’, and ‘waste’ is taken in its most broad sense and includes time, raw materials, machines, labor, and all other resources. The wide use of the term JIT manufacturing throughout the 80s faded in the 90s, as the new term ‘lean manufacturing’ became established as a more recent name for JIT. Some elements of JIT include: continuous improvement, waste reduction, , set-up time reduction, levelled or mixed production.

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