Digital Thread

The digital thread refers to the communication framework that allows a connected data flow and integrated view of the asset’s data throughout its lifecycle, from raw material to end product. The digital thread concept enables the delivery of the right information to the right person (or place), at the right time. IIoT-based manufacturing optimization software maintains full traceability of the digital thread, documenting every step of the production, enabling improved insights into the production process, for quality control and audit readiness at all times. An advanced IIoT, AI-based automation software use sensors to collect vast amounts of data in real-time from each stage of the production, creating a rich digital data-log that’s created through the entire life-cycle of each product, helping manufacturers meet the strict quality requirements and being audit ready at all times. AI-based algorithms analyze the root cause of quality issues, recuts, work interruptions and defected parts, improving quality and quality control.

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