Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services, such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software and analytics – over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer flexible resources and faster innovation. It allows the enormous scalable computing resources as a service over the internet, as data is held in remote servers or data centers, so manufacturers aren’t restricted by the amount of data their computers or servers can hold. Cloud computing represents a key platform technology that is playing an essential and foundational role in enabling modern manufacturing. Cloud computing services enable businesses to access their data wherever they need it and reduce the chances of data loss. It helps transform virtually every facet of modern manufacturing and strengthen manufacturing competitiveness. It enables manufacturers innovate and reduce costs whether it’s their operations, integration to supply chains, design, fabrication, or use by their customers. Cloud computing allows manufacturers to use many forms of new production systems, from high-performance computing (HPC) to the use of IoT and industrial robots. In addition, cloud computing allows access and use of these technologies by small manufacturers. Last but not least, no installation is required, and it dramatically reduces implementation costs.

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