Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines and software. In manufacturing AI is a technology enabling machines to ‘see’ and analyze the production environment and make on-the-fly decisions based on what’s actually happening on the production floor. AI is revolutionizing manufacturing by analyzing big data collected from factory floors and applying advanced analytics methods to offer factory staff smart predictions, recommendations, and process optimization in real time.

Artificial Intelligence-based solutions can identify and solve production floor issues, spot and predict faults or respond and adapt to changes. AI’s ability to respond to changes adds intelligence to the production process, reduces downtime and creates an efficient production line.

For the advanced manufacturing sector AI and machine learning are already making an impact, starting at the design stage. Processes are continuously monitored and optimized in order to reduce downtime and bottlenecks. Enhanced data collection and AI-powered analytics can significantly increase efficiency, product quality and quality control.

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