Frequently Asked Questions

Although Plataine has proven to save time and money for more than one thousand customers, from small factories to global enterprises, the best way to make sure it will do the same for you is to test it out.

Send us your data and we will run a complimentary test that will show you how Plataine can create a program that works on your machines. Full confidentiality of your data is guaranteed.

Plataine integrates with many of the well established CAD/CAM applications such as AutoCAD, SolidEdge, Gerber Technologies, Solidworks, CATIA, Lectra, and others. Plataine’s software read most common file formats, including, DXF, HPGL, NC-CUT, PLX, CATIA and CRV so you can easily import your existing files into the software.

Send us an e-mail if you would like to check the compatibility of your system and file format with the Plataine software.

Yes, Plataine provides several different integration modules to suit almost any situation both proprietary systems, and past implementations. TPO successfully integrates with systems like SAP, Oracle/JDE, Infor and other commercial and internally built systems. Our simplest links can even use Excel or an ASCII file. We also develop custom integration for customers that have special requirements.

Plataine’s TPO is not another nesting tool. Unlike traditional nesting products that typically operate in a silo individual product model or on an individual customer order, TPO optimizes material consumption and manufacturing sequencing.

Seamlessly integrated to the manufacturer’s ERP and CAD systems, TPO creates ready-to-cut production plans by optimally selecting the raw material to use, and generating the optimal nests for each roll. TPO achieves this by matching the orders’ due date and product quantities with actual inventory on hand. TPO also considers the full order plan for additional optimization opportunities.

TPO drives significant cost savings and increased productivity by offering higher material utilization, better inventory management, and faster – more flexible – time to market. TPO further reduces costs by automating routine manual tasks and eliminating any errors associated with them. To learn more about how the  TPO Advantage click here.

Plataine is committed to support you throughout the implementation process and beyond. Prior to any implementation, our professional services experts will analyze your production environment and recommend the most suitable system configuration.

To ensure a smooth implementation, our consultants will install the system at your site, test it with real production runs, and train your staff to work with the system. Following implementation, we offer two support plans that cover remote and on-site support options, as well as regular software updates. For more details about Plataine’s Support plans, please contact your Plataine representative.

Plataine’s TPO is successfully deployed today with a range of manufacturers, from small plants to huge conglomerates. SMBs typically elect to deploy the TPO solutions on a subscription basis (Software as a Service – SaaS). Thus TPO offers a faster, less risky and more cost effective alternative to ‘traditional’ (on premises) software installations, with minimal upfront costs and payments tied to value. For more information contact us.

Plataine’s customers today include manufacturing plants from the composite, furniture, metal fabricators and transportation industries. However TPO patent pending technology is offered to all manufacturers who produce finished goods. For more information contact us.

Plataine supports a wide range of cutting technologies and machine brands, including knife, routers, laser, plasma and waterjet cutters. Learn more >>