Double-digit Material Savings at Composites Horizons

Plataine engineers worked closely with CHI’s staff to develop and execute a comprehensive implementation plan for a successful installation of TPO FabricOptimizer, allowing CHI to go live in only 2 months. The move from a sequential step-by-step process to TPO’s holistic approach which analyses all the production factors, eliminated multiple manual processes, saved not only raw material but labor as well, and increased efficiency and throughput in the cutting room.

“Cutting time was reduced from an average of 6-7 hours to 4.5 hours and material yield was increased by 4% – 15%, depending on the program.” Says Robert Miranda, TPO Operator at CHI. “One of our programs that showed the highest improvement in material utilization, was cut before using a 45 yard roll for barely 1 kit, whereas today is cut on a 32-33 yard roll. Today, CHI can also cut more kits on the same material” Robert adds.

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