8 Top Industrial Manufacturing Conferences You Should Attend in 2023

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Manufacture your path toward business growth this year by penning down some professional resolutions. You guessed it right: in-house conferences are making a comeback and this time, they are in full gear to digitize your manufacturing business. Attending prominent ones should be on your resolutions list if you want to bring your manufacturing business to the next level.

Let’s have a look at some top industrial and aerospace, composites manufacturing conferences of the year 2023 that you must attend to stay on top of your digital manufacturing game.

8 Best Conferences to Attend in 2023 in the area of aerospace and composites Manufacturing


1. SAMPE 2023

Are you eager to discover new and innovative materials and business solutions? Visit SAMPE 2023.

Save the date: April 17-20, 2023

Where is it? Seattle, Washington

Connect with thousands of industry leaders at North America’s Premier Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Conference and Exhibition. SAMPE 2023 brings you a dedicated materials and process ecosystem that specializes in composite materials and includes multitudes of programs on the latest technologies, industry advances, and even technical presentations by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations).

Put your business at the forefront of opportunities at SAMPE and discover leading industrial products and services in the following exhibition. Arm yourselves with the most challenging questions you face every day and expect novel insights from international buyers, manufacturers, and suppliers worldwide. Expect ground-breaking technological solutions for all your material and process engineering needs and boost your productivity now!


Convene at the world’s leading industrial technology tradeshow at Hannover Messe 2023.

Save the date: April 17-21, 2023

Where is it? Hannover, Germany

Don’t forget to be a part of the world’s unrivaled industrial technology tradeshow at Hannover Messe. Thousands of exhibitors will showcase their mind-blowing smart manufacturing robots amongst other intelligent demonstrations. Other key areas of the exhibition for this industry 4.0 tradeshow include automation, digital ecosystems, energy solutions, and much more.

3. JEC World

Don’t know where the composites professionals gather every year? JEC World does.

Save the date: April 25-27, 2023

Where is it? Paris, France

The dynamic composites industry gathers at the JEC World conference each year and is home to major global companies and innovative startups worldwide. Expect ground-breaking insight from the composites and advanced materials field and network with scientists, academicians, industry experts, and R&D leaders alike.

The conference from the previous year attracted more than 1350 exhibitors and 40,000 attendants from over 100 countries. This year will also commence with full force as ground-breaking composites solutions, product launches, startup competitions, live demos, and milliards of networking opportunities aim to push your business aspirations to their maximum. From the aerospace sector to marine and railways, construction to defense, there are solutions for every industrial need.

4. AIRTEC 2023

Explore the mind-blowing future of aviation at Airtec 2023.

Save the date: Oct 23-25, 2023

Where is it? Munich Metropolitan Area

Aerospace, Future Air Mobility, and the Innovative Space Industry seek their inspiration at AIRTEC. This conference focuses on aviation innovation and seeks to tackle future aviation challenges for a better quality of life. The New Space Industry is developing a new supply chain using airborne mobility, and Airtec happens to be the breeding ground of innovation and technology.

5. CAMX 2023

Surpass innovation with the best composite solutions now in Atlanta. Learn more about CAMX 2023.

Save the date: October 30-Nov 2, 2023

Where is it? Atlanta, Georgia

ACMA and SAMPE have teamed up to bring one of North America’s most advanced composites and materials events. Delve into the digital future as you experience live process demos, learn new skills, indulge in panel discussions, and discover interactive material displays from around the world.

Be prepared to meet thousands of attendants coming together for unrivaled opportunities in the composites and advanced materials arena. Gain insight into key trends and developments, experience cutting-edge technological innovations, live manufacturing showpieces, and hundreds of real-time education sessions. Be the first to learn about solutions to pressing manufacturing challenges that will upscale your business in no time.

6. Advanced Engineering UK

Engineering and manufacturing join hands to inspire and innovate at Advanced Engineering UK 2023.

Save the date: 1st Nov- 2nd Nov, 2023

Where is it? NEC, Birmingham

The future of engineering meets now at the 14th edition of the Advanced Engineering UK conference 2023. Grab opportunities to network with industry experts and professionals, supply chain partners, OEMs, and engineering professionals at a two-day innovation-packed event. 85% of exhibitors have already booked for the 2023 event to be a part of cutting-edge technological solutions and product innovations.

 Various companies from parallel manufacturing sectors will be there across seven show zones, from auto engineering to advanced metals, space, and satellite to quality control. Connect with these industry leaders across four forums of aero engineering, composites engineering, automotive engineering, and connected manufacturing to stay ahead in the engineering and manufacturing arena.

7. AeroDef

Indulge your manufacturing business in a transformative experience at AeroDef 2023.

Save the date: November 7 – 9, 2023

Where is it? Long Beach, CA

Prepare for an incomparable three-day conference and exposition that attracts chief tools and technology suppliers, decision-makers, and industry leaders of varying manufacturing arenas from across the globe. This conference takes place every two years in California and is one of the top defense and aerospace manufacturing events granting easy admission to advanced technologies in the aerospace and defense industry.

The events such as AeroDef fuel advanced manufacturing progress for your business and connect industry leaders with suppliers of modern manufacturing technology. The AeroDef is a unified identity by four leading manufacturing events that feature SME zones, student competition awards, composites awards presentations, and meet and greet with suppliers and buyers under Aerofied Preferred Supplier Pavilion. Learn, network, and indulge in in-depth workshops to learn about industry best practices in aerospace and defense.

8. IoT Tech Expo

Power your business with IoT by joining the IoT Tech Expo 2023

Save the date: Nov 30-1 Dec 2023

Where is it? Santa Clara Convention Center, CA

Explore the most happening IoT event of 2023 at the IoT Tech Expo which gathers leading digital experts from around the world. In this technology event, you get a chance to learn from industry-expert speakers who will share their unparalleled insight on IoT and its impact across varying sectors. Expect to witness groundbreaking innovations across the entire IoT ecosystem that ultimately help drive businesses toward unparalleled success.

Why Attend an Industrial and Manufacturing Conference?

Your manufacturing supply chain may be facing tremendous disruptions ranging from transportation jams, labor shortages, and geo-political complications to supply and demand shocks brought about by the pandemic.

2022 Council of Economic Advisers reports that such challenges are leading to brittle supply chains globally, vulnerable in the face of pandemics and similar crises. Manufacturers at the Supply Chain Innovation Initiative Roundtable strongly assert the need to tackle these challenges amidst growing global demand so supply chain collaborations can improve.

As a manufacturing and industrial concern, here is how attending these manufacturing trade shows can help:

  • Boost your network connections that can help improve collaboration.
  • Keep track of the latest digital manufacturing solutions.
  • Exchange industry-relevant business information.
  • Gain insight into solutions for advanced manufacturing environments.
  • Discuss global supply chain challenges, how to tackle them, and much more!

Will you be attending the top industrial trade shows and manufacturing conferences (as mentioned above in our list) in 2023? Do share with us in the comments below. And if you’re a manufacturing firm looking to revamp your business with AI software solutions, you may contact our digital experts at Plataine. We will help take your manufacturing production game to the next level with our digital solutions. 

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