Plataine and Google teamed to create the ideal wearable digital assistant solution for advanced manufacturing. Using the Glass and Plataine’s TPO solution, factory floor personel can get alerts and recommendations wherever they are in both audible and visual forms.

Google Glass

Factory floor employees can now use the glass to effectively communicate with Plataine’s TPO digital assistants. Employees can talk to the glass and the glass will talk back as well as display valuable information at their request which greatly simplifies their daily routines. The glass is connected directly to TPO providing the user the complete set of benefits that the system offers: AI based insights, smart alerts, meaningful bit data analytics and real time updates on status and progress.


By using Glass Enterprise Edition, Plataine enhances employees’ efficiency, allowing for complete handsfree digital communication with the system. It is like having your personal assistant closely following you on the shopfloor, logging your requests and instructions and providing you with insights and information in real time. All this performed in natural language and in visual projection without the need for manual control or computer access.

Woman wearing Google Glass presenting Plataine solution: wearable digital assistant

Quality issues prevention

Hands free production

On-the-spot decision making

Minimize distracting tasks

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Aerospace & Composites

When quality & schedule cannot be compromised

Industrial Manufacturing

Control every step of the production process

Wind Blades

Optimal balance between material yield and operations

Automotive Components

Boost your production rates to fulfil demand