Cloud-based Industrial IoT Software
for Manufacturing Optimization.

Your Intelligent Automation Partner, Delivering the Factory of the Future.


Harness cutting-edge technologies to unleash your production potential

Through Internet-of-Things enabled, enterprise-wide optimization, Plataine saves you money, time, and materials so you can focus on the big picture. You know what you need to move your business forward. Let Plataine help you get there.


Manufacturing solutions for the top of the class.

Our Customer Stories

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“Implementing Plataine’s solutions not only helped us to reduce manual tasks and paperwork in the factory but also led to 11% material savings, and improved our total productivity and quality control.” - Prof. Axel Herrmann, CEO CTC Stade [AIRBUS GmbH]


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“Together with Plataine, we are now confident we will set the best possible processes in place, that will allow us to gain full visibility and traceability over material, WIP, tools and finished products, allowing us to improve our manufacturing yield, reduce re-work, and improve our overall efficiency.” - Thierry Ducro, Head of Procurement & Supply Chain, Harbin Hafei AIRBUS


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