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Argosy International


Argosy International, a leading supplier of composite materials, specialty chemicals, and technology solutions to aerospace OEMs, airlines and overhaul and maintenance shops worldwide. Founded in 1988, Argosy International is one of the leading suppliers of composite materials, specialty chemicals, technology, equipment, products and service solutions to aerospace OEMs, airlines and overhaul and maintenance shops worldwide including the Asia-Pacific region, where Argosy International is the market leader. Argosy International has sales and distribution facilities in the U.S.A., China & Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Australia and Europe. In addition, Argosy International has two manufacturing facilities and one affiliated manufacturer in China. The plant in Shanghai provides customized service of blending of aerospace coating, and a JV with Xian Aircraft Company, Argosy International XAC Composite Materials Ltd., manufactures high quality honeycomb.



Aviochem is a global chemical distributor and manufacturer for chemical products for aerospace and defense. Our activity started in 1951 and change its name and form during the last 60 years. From 1995 we call ourselves Aviochem in order to address more appropriately our mission: to serve our sector with high quality chemicals while establishing very long term relationships with our customers.

Hildemann & Partners


Hildemann & Partners can help you to develop and cultivate supplier/OEM and supplier/operator relationships. Our team is represented in every area of the aviation industry. It is composed of senior managers who have broad experience in technical, commercial and also project and program management positions on the supplier, OEM and operator sides. Our strengths are our in-depth knowledge of all areas of the aviation industry, our extensive network and our numerous contacts with the end users.

TAP International


TAP International is a company dedicated to servicing the ever expanding and technically complex needs of modern industry. We can offer the most cost-effective means of approaching and meeting numerous corporate needs. TAP has worked with the world leaders in the Aerospace and Manufacturing Industries worldwide, in Europe, South America, USA and Africa for over twenty-five years.

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