SME 2017 Insights: IIoT in Manufacturing – Not a Case of ‘If’, but of ‘How’ and ‘When’
I recently had the privilege to speak at the SME Smart Manufacturing event in Los Angeles where I presented at the Digital Transformation seminar.  During the event, I met representatives from many leading manufacturers and I came away with four
The Winds of Change / Avner Ben-Bassat
Why Wind Blades OEM’s Need to Embrace the Industrial IoT I’ve been doing a lot of research into the energy industry recently, particularly the wind power vertical. And I’m convinced we are on the cusp of a wind energy revolution.
Why Are We Resistant To The Digital Assistant?
Remember when you first started using a GPS navigation system in your car? First time you used it, you’re thinking “Wow!” Second time, you’re thinking “Wait! I know my commute better!” and then suddenly you wind up in a massive
My insights from AeroDef 2017: The Real Cost-of-Poor-Quality (CoPQ) Part II / Avner Ben-Bassat
I recently discussed the issues that came up at AeroDef after taking part in a panel discussion about “Industrial IoT and the Digital Twin.” My previous post discussed these main points: Quality issues happen, but they quickly evolve into much
My insights from AeroDef 2017: The Real Cost-of-Poor-Quality (CoPQ) Part I / Avner Ben-Bassat
I’ve been thinking for quite a while about the real cost of poor quality and the impact of discovering manufacturing faults too late in the process. This year at AeroDef I had the privilege to take part in a panel
Define Your Goals for the Factory of the Future
Modern manufacturing is becoming more complex as product variation and production volumes increase. Composites manufacturers have less time and ability today to make optimized decisions, resulting in waste and inefficiencies. Leading companies are realizing that implementing IoT (Internet of Things)
I(o)T’s Easy… If You Know What To Do
Leading factories are realizing that implementing IoT (Internet of Things) is the way forward to gather real-time data from the production floor. Nevertheless, integrating such innovation into your organization requires planning ahead and paying attention to the key factors described in this
2017 – The Age of Smart Manufacturing
Now that the tender has been won and the announcement has been made, the time to start producing and supplying the product has begun. Management must now ask, “How can we reproduce the product performance we achieved during prototyping and
Visibility on the Production Floor-the Bigger Picture
“Internet of Things” or “IoT” is defined as the technology of connecting devices, systems and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications. But while this technology is now setting footprints in various sectors, like healthcare, transportation and energy, it has become
Go Paperless – Create the Digital Factory
  Is paper work an inseparable part of manufacturing? Advanced manufacturing processes have always involved paper work traveling with the work order. However, manually logging production information and tracking route cards or printed reports is time consuming, prone to errors

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